Our Local Chapter

Conscious Capitalism Denmark is your local branch of the international movement. We are dedicated to cultivating the theory and practice of Conscious Capitalism through events, presentations, and publications. We support the local community and serve as a resource on your journey to a more conscious business.

Our Leadership

Maiken Piil
Co-Founder and Chair

Maiken is a long-term devotee to the principles of conscious capitalism, and is an experienced advisor on conscious business and conscious leadership development. As a challenger of conventional business thinking and advocate for consciousness, she combines personal development and strategic thinking to help leaders transform, develop and tap into higher wisdom. As a certified spiritual intelligence coach, Maiken specialises in evolutionary coaching which raises the individual’s consciousness at every level to achieve higher levels of performance.

Co-Founder and Director of Events and Partnerships

Anne brings her experience as Executive Event Manager and has a strong track record with regard to project planning, sales management and execution.

She is a purpose driven entrepreneur currently occupied by exporting Nordic design to Latin America, working to influence the sustainable development agenda through private sector initiatives.


Inge Kindberg
Co-Founder and vice-chair

Inge brings her experience as a CEO/BRAND CEO/CCO for several years in the B2C/fashion/retail/restaurant industry, as well as prior board experience.

She has grown brands from “0” to $ 35 million in 2 years and is experienced in creating turnaround and revitalization for brands and companies. She is always focusing on meaning and growing purpose on a personal level as well as the companies she’s been responsible for.

Originally a Master Mariner, and with nearly 20 years in international senior leader/advisor roles, Rehnny is driven by helping organisations and their leaders to raise their level of consciousness to drive motivation and thrive amongst employees letting bright ideas flourish leading to increased performance and development of the business.

Rehnny has a profound belief that work should be cool making it possible to deliver a kick-a** performance that create a better tomorrow for one self, colleagues, customers and company – as well as our planet and its people.

Birgitte is an experience financial leader with a passion for leadership, strategy, work environment and creating win-win situations where success is more than solely financial results. As a CFO Birgitte is passionate about bringing the message into the world that being conscious as a company aligns with a healthy buttom line too.


Kathrine Milner studerer til daglig på Aalborg universitet og er ansvarlig for al kommunikation.